Rupert Adam Photography Privacy Policy

Rupert Adam Photography collects personal data from a variety of sources including the website, exhibitions, emails

1. Collection of Personal Data

and personal telephone calls. None of this data is collected without the
user's information that is collected includes names, contact details, permission .preferences  information relating to the and and/or conversation.enquiry


2. Use of Data
The data is used to provide the data owner with relevant information on Rupert Adam Photography and products and services. The data is never sold or rented to 3rd parties.


3. Third Party Provided Data
From time to time Rupert Adam Photography may acquire personal data from third parties, namely recommendations. These details are provided by known sources to the personal data owner under the faith that the request has come directly from the data owner.    


4. Refusal of Personal Data
The provision of your personal data is entirely optional and intended to help us serve you better.


5. Viewing Personal Data
At any time you may request to view the personal data that we have stored. You may also ask for your data to be removed or to opt-out of any of our communications.


6. General Data Protection Regulation
Rupert Adam Photography only holds data in line with the GPDR regulations. 


7. Data Retention
We keep your information for as long as we are actively providing services to you, including sending email messages. We also keep information about you and your use of the Services for as long as necessary for our legitimate business interests, for legal reasons, and to prevent harm. We delete the data after it is no longer needed for the services or you are no longer engaging in email messages.
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