Photography Portfolio

Every wedding is unique and personal to the couple, just as each photographer has their own style. I like to tell the story of the whole day, in a beautifully realistic way. I specialise in subtly capturing the special moments, the laughter, the joy and the celebration to document each important moment of your day.


My job begins from the moment you hire me as your wedding photographer. After our initial meeting, I will work with you to create a working plan for your big day. We will work together before your wedding with an engagement shoot and I will research and visit your wedding venues before the day to ensure I picture you in them at their very best.


When possible, and with your agreement, I will attend your wedding rehearsal, to give me the opportunity to visualise your wedding and discuss my photographic plans with any necessary officials prior to the actual day. You can feel confident that my planning and preparation will allow the photographs you wish for to be created with ease.




Pre-Wedding Engagement Session

Attendance to Wedding Rehearsal

(subject to availability)

Pre-Wedding Venue Visit

Full Wedding Day Photography 

Image Editing & Proofing


Protected Online Gallery

20 Page Wedding Album

Two Smaller Duplicate Albums 

Album Image as Digital Files

From £1,399